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Name: Chris Harrington

Position: Founder & Personal Trainer

Qualifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
B.S in Business Management - Babson College

Location: Boston, MA

About: My name is Chris Harrington and I am the founder and coach/personal trainer here at The Finest Fitness. Since age 17, I've committed myself to working out and taking part in many different athletics, such as bodybuilding, martial arts, football, basketball, obstacle course racing and more. It has been my passion to stay fit and challenge myself, both physically and mentally through exercise. Fitness has transformed my life, and I want to have it help you transform yours.

Our Team

  • Chris Harrington, CFT

    As the founder and coach/personal trainer here at The Finest Fitness, I’ve committed myself to health and wellness by partaking in athletics such as bodybuilding, martial arts, football, basketball, obstacle course racing and more. Since age 17, exercise has been my passion as a way to stay fit and challenge myself. Fitness has transformed my life, and I want to help transform yours.

Our Mission

To help you get in the best shape of your life - and stay that way.

Our mission is to help you get in the best health and shape of your life - and stay that way. No crash dieting. No bullshit. Just real results for real people. Because we should all be able to enjoy our bodies, and have the energy and the health to maximize each day.

My goal with The Finest Fitness is to get you there. Whether it’s by giving you a program that works, or by coaching you each step of the way.

Look, let’s face it. There’s a lot of information out there in the fitness industry. In fact, fitness is one of the LARGEST categories on the internet, and with that, there comes a lot of misinformation. My goal is to get you the right information that will help you change your life. I don’t mean that softly. I mean it when I say it - this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

For the better.

That’s my goal with The Finest Fitness. To do that with your health, your self-esteem, your body image, and your physique.

Because everyone should be able to enjoy their body, and their health.

Unfortunately, we don’t all get to do that.

  • More than 2/3 of adults are considered overweight.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 4 deaths is the result of heart disease.
  • 73.5 million adults in the United States have high cholesterol.
  • 89% of American women are unhappy with their weight.
  • A mere 49% of adults meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic physical activity.

This is a real problem, and I'm here to take a stab at solving it.

Chris Harrington - Founder
The Finest Fitness
Creating a Healthier Planet, One Person at a Time.

Why I Wish I Had A Coach

and why you need to have one

Without a coach, I had no idea what I was doing when I first got started. It took me years to really figure it out, and only then did I start to make actual progress. A lot of the lessons I learned could have been taught a lot faster if I had the right coaching and mentoring. Thinking back on it, I wish I had hired a coach and trainer to show me the way.

I wanted to get fit, and I wanted to pack on pounds of muscle. I was small, weak, frail, and insecure, and I knew where I wanted to go. The problem was, I had no roadmap to get from point A to point Z.

It was only through years of trial and error that I learned and figured it out. I read dozens of books, spent countless hours reading, and even more hours experimenting.

The problem is, there's just so much fitness information out there, it's hard to tell what works, and what doesn't.

It wasn't until I became a Certified Fitness Trainer and started reading research-based data, case studies, and evidence-based training that I figured it out.

Now, my goal with The Finest Fitness is to help you to reach your goals - so you can skip the years of trial and error.

For the past 6 years, I've worked tirelessly, in and outside of the gym, on and off the field, and inside/outside the studio to learn how to become the best trainer I can be.

I'm constantly pushing myself to become a bigger, faster, stronger, and healthier natural athlete, and with the knowledge I've obtained, I'm here to help you to better reach your fitness goals.

Below is my story on how I got into fitness, and how The Finest Fitness started.

My Story

I wasn't always fit and athletic

I was probably one of the weakest guys my age, and I didn't have an ounce of muscle on me.

Let's rewind to 17 years old.

It was junior year of high school, and I was 130 pounds soaking wet. For years, I was the target for bullying because of my size. Without an ounce of muscle (or an ounce of self-esteem), I grew tired of the lifestyle I was living and decided to change.

Age 17

Before I changed everything

I joined a gym and committed myself; rain, snow, or shine.

Every day, I walked over a mile after school and lifted weights. I then waited an hour for my father to pick me up after work.

Age 17

3 months of lifting

I saw slow progress at first, but it was progress after all, so I never gave up.

When I turned 18, I graduated high school and seriously committed to lifting. I didn’t miss training sessions unless I was injured. At 18 years old, I made some great weight lifting progress as I completed my first ‘bulk. My physique building was only an outward manifestation of the internal progress and growth that I began to undertake.

Age 18

1 1/2 years of lifting

I went and took a stab at the Spartan Race – a true physical fitness test. It required not only pure strength and mass, but speed, dexterity, and agility. I had a lot of fun, but I didn’t place very well.

First Spartan Race

At the finish line of my first Spartan Race

My focus was on building my physique.

For years, I experimented with ‘expert bodybuilder’ routines, and tried every nutrition plan and exercise program in the books. None of them worked. Over time, I became more educated in my training, and that’s when I made great progress.

At 19 years old, I had my biggest year of progress on my physique.

Age 19

The results started to show..

From here, I was determined to learn more and grow faster. The progress became addicting, and I wanted to understand more. I went on to become a Certified Fitness Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and really took my physique to the next level.

With the knowledge, I was able to grow faster than ever before.

Not only did I grow an appealing physique, but I built up my level of functional fitness.

I trained hard for the Spartan Race, and entered for my second time around. This time, the results spoke for themselves – I placed in the top 9% overall in only my second competition.

Second Spartan Race

Running through the gladiators at the finish line

Spartan Race 2013 Rankings

Age / Gender / Overall rankings

By age 20, I was no longer that scrawny, insecure guy.

20 Years Old

I had grown

20 Years Old

and continued to grow.

I spent hours reading and studying the science behind bodybuilding. I built new training routines from my newly acquired knowledge, and continued to grow faster than ever before.

And from there, I accomplished my greatest childhood goal – I entered and won Bodybuilding.com’s ‘Teen Transformation of the Week’.

It was my greatest goal growing up, and it became an instant reality.

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From here, I started The Finest Fitness, but spent most of my hours and days in the classroom, learning, studying, and becoming a better leader (It would take me until graduation to finally commit to The Finest Fitness). By age 21, I realized my potential with bodybuilding and hired a coach. This became another huge year for growth and knowledge. I packed on some serious mass, became significantly stronger, and learned more about training and nutrition than I had ever known.

I began to focus my time on the real science behind lifting, and actual studies that had been done. With each piece I learned, I implemented it into my own training, until I saw the results for myself. I spent the year packing on as much mass as I could.

May 2015

The end of a bulk

When I turned 22, I decided to take a shot at getting lean and ripped. I spent the summer cutting, and learned more about dieting.

In 13 weeks, I cut 24 pounds and dropped my body fat significantly.

I finally had the experience in cutting to back up my own personal knowledge.

September 2015

The end of the cut

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