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Welcome to the community! Please read the FAQ below, explore the community section, and start learning!
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    Setup Your MyFitnessPal Account

    Under Nutrition, click ‘Nutrition log’ to be directed to MyFitnessPal. Register for an account, as you will be using this to track your calories and daily foods.

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    Setup Your Workout Application

    You should have received an email titled ‘Welcome to The Finest Fitness’. This email will allow you to setup your workout and nutrition application (Tranerize). Be sure to follow the email instructions, create an account, fill out the consultation form, and download the application on your phone. Don’t forget to sync with MyFitnessPal so you can cross-reference the goals I set up for you with the foods you enter on a daily basis!

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    Read Training FAQ

    The Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is your go to guide for coaching. It explains everything you need to know for how to succeed as a member of The Finest Fitness Community.

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    Read Information Sheet

    The information sheet contains evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation. Although you may not be interested in bodybuilding, the data is very important for anyone looking to improve their physique. This sheet debunks many common myths regarding meal frequency, supplementation, and nutrition. Over 4,213 individuals were tested which led to the conclusions in the information sheet. Use this information for your own benefit and understanding of getting fit.

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    View Training Resources

    Access, download, and read your exclusive training resources. These will help you improve your health and continue to progress in your training. New resources will be added here frequently to help you reach your goals.

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    View & Submit Weekly Report

    The weekly report should be filled out every Saturday morning (or whichever day you and your trainer agree upon). This weekly report is your snapshot of the week. Your trainer will review your progress and provide you with a detailed response about your week and any necessary adjustments. Alternatively, your trainer may complete the report with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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    Read Supplementation Guide

    Read through the supplementation guide to see my recommendations on what you should / should not be taking to assist with your goals.

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    Receive Your Training Plan & Get to Progressing!

    After you setup your account and complete the consultation form, your trainer will provide you with your personalized plan within 24 hours of completion. You’ll receive your personalized workout plan, personalized nutrition plan, and supplementation guide. You will be able to view these through Trainerize. Be sure to have the app downloaded on your phone so you can access this information on the go. You can also message me directly in-app whenever you need help!