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Hey, Chris here.

So you have a lot of body fat, and  you're looking to improve your physique?

If your main goal is to slowly drop body fat and lean out while focusing on building muscle mass, here's a few things you need to keep in mind:


Chris Harrington

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  • You should be in a slight calorie deficit in order to drop body fat
  • Being in a slight calorie deficit does NOT mean you cannot grow muscle and get stronger
  • It's very important to keep track of fats and carbohydrates as well in order to maintain energy levels and focus on fat loss
  • You should focus on strength and high intensity workouts in order to build muscle while getting more definition

Here are my 3 personal recommendations:

Recommendation #1 - Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) +

Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is a measure of how many calories your body burns in a given day on average. By understanding your TDEE, you can adjust your caloric intake to put yourself in a slight caloric deficit which will help to promote fat loss. This does not mean you can't continue to grow and get stronger.

Recommendation #2 - Subtract 300 calories to your TDEE to put yourself in a caloric deficit +

Being in a caloric deficit will help your body to derive its energy from body fat stores. Having a smaller caloric deficit will assure your body is still getting the amount of nutrients it needs to grow muscle while also burning body fat. A proper training routine and adequate protein intake will assure you're still able to grow and get stronger while getting more definition and reducing body fat.

Recommendation #3 - Adopt a program focused on strength and intensity +

While in a caloric deficit, you can continue to promote lean muscle mass assuming proper nutrition and a proper training protocol. A strength routine will help to keep your central nervous system (CNS) prime, and will help to keep heavy demand on your muscle fibers. Even though you will be in a slight deficit, you can still promote muscle growth if you're increasing the demands imposed on your muscles while keeping a high enough protein intake to promote tissue growth. Higher intensity workouts will also help to raise your TDEE, burning more calories to help promote fat loss as you build up muscle mass as well.

I hope these recommendations were helpful.

If you're serious about reaching these goals, let me help you get there. I've been in your shoes before - having a set fitness goal and some recommendations to get there, but no real clear path as to how! Thinking back on it, I wish I had someone there to teach me the things I know now about proper workout routines and proper nutrition. You can spend years 'figuring it out', or you can have me coach you and show you the way.


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