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At The Finest Fitness, our mission is to provide you with the tools to get fit, improve your health, and reach your fitness goals. Whether it's through 1 on 1 coaching by joining The Finest Fitness community, our motivational video series, our podcast, or our blog, we're here to provide you with the  tools and resources you need to succeed.

Most personal trainers will waste hours of your time teaching you how to properly use equipment. While this is important, it's a waste of your time and money when you can get that from us for a fraction of the cost while we focus on  what really matters: RESULTS. These same trainers provide outdated information, and cookie-cutter workout routines and nutrition plans. When you join The Finest Fitness community, you're partnering with a certified and qualified trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Sharif Kayali

As a current medical student, I acknowledge the fact that there is a plethora of information online. There is no better way to understand how and what is relevant to your needs than what Chris provides. He has been the most consistent source of help in my entire progression in maintaining my healthy lifestyle. When I have fallen off, he is always quick to push me back and provide me with what I need to start grinding again. I have been in contact with him for 6 years, and never once has he failed to meet my needs. Thank you, Chris.

Sharif Kayali Medical Student

Here's What We Have To Offer You:

It's our goal to help you become a better version of yourself. These are some of the ways we are able to do just that:

  • 1

    Online Personal Training

    You can work around around a trainer's schedule at your local gym, or you can get the best coaching for a fraction of the cost. We work with you 1 on 1 to help you reach your goals - whether it's a toned figure or pounds of muscle.

  • 2

    The Finest Podcast

    We hear a lot of the same fitness questions over and over, so we're here to answer them for you! Tune into our podcast for the latest in fitness information. We're giving you the answers to getting in shape.

  • 3

    Virtual Personal Training - Coming Soon

    Now you don't have to leave your home to get active with a trainer! We get you moving and fit from the comfort of your home. Gyms can be intimidating, so we've made it easy for you to get fit without the discomfort.

  • 4

    In-Person Training

    Are you a native of Boston, MA and surrounding areas? We run small group training sessions to help Boston residents to reach their goals. Visit us at our Boston webpage to learn more.

Online Personal Training

The Finest Podcast

In-Person Boot Camps & Training

Why You Need A Coach:

Working with a coach will help you to stay motivated and on the right track. Having a coach and trainer makes you more accountable to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Furthermore, a coach and trainer helps you spend your time effectively, so you won't be wasting time 'figuring it out' - you'll be given a set plan from day 1 to reach your fitness goals. Some of the great benefits you should expect are listed below:

  • Build Your Confidence

    Looking great means feeling great, which leads to confidence. You will feel more confident than ever as you move towards your fitness goals with a coach.

  • Improve Your Health

    Following a plan with a trainer will help you to lower cholesterol and body fat, improve aerobic capacity, and improve your strength, leading to a stronger, healthier body.

  • Look Better Than Ever

    Pack on those pounds of muscle, or get that toned, lean physique. We all want to look better, and whatever your goal may be, we help you to make it happen.

What You Get From Us:

These are just a few of the many features you receive when you work with us:

  • A Personalized Workout Plan

    We provide you with a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. You’ll be able to access your daily workouts on a neat, organized calendar and be given clear instruction for each workout.

  • A Personalized Nutrition Plan

    Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of any fitness program. We make sure to provide you with the proper nutrition plan to reach your desired fitness goals, and we adjust it to meet your needs.

  • Unlimited Coaching & Support

    We won’t leave you in the dark. Whether it’s a phone call, a skype call, a text message, an instant message, or an email, we’re always ready to help answer your questions and concerns when you work with us.

  • A Weekly Progress Report

    There’s no better way to know you’re progressing than to see the results each week! You’ll submit a progress report each week and receive back an analysis and adjustments from your trainer.

  • A Mobile Workout App

    Your training plan is available to be accessed anywhere you go with our mobile app! Simply download the application and login to access your personal plan.

  • Access To Our Community

    When you work with us, you become part of The Finest Fitness community, giving you access to many resources to help you succeed and reach your fitness goals.

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