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The free content provided on The Finest Fitness is only to be used as a reference of knowledge and not as a substitute for medical advice. There is a risk of injury with everything in life. Exercise is not an exception.  This site is to be used as a resource only and is not an exception for avoiding injury. When taking any advice or paid coaching from The Finest Fitness, there are still unavoidable risks. Please consult a physician or medical professional prior to a change in lifestyle, such as added exercise or a change in dietary needs. If you have any specific illness or are in poor physical condition, see a licensed medical professional prior to training with The Finest Fitness.

The Finest Fitness will not be responsible for any complications or injuries caused by a sudden change in lifestyle. The information provided is to be used provided there has been clearance from a medical professional. This site is a reference for those who are looking to improve their health.

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